Paradise Lakes
  1. 72 acres
  2. every single road and pathway is paved
  3. close to entertainment and shopping
  4. immaculately maintained grounds and facilities
  5. five sparkling pools (two heated), including a water volleyball pool and a conversation pool
  6. hot tub
  7. more than 250 pool loungers (none of which have broken webbing or peeling paint)
  8. eight tennis courts
  9. sand volleyball courts
  10. basketball courts
  11. petanque courts
  12. game room and social area
  13. day spa with masseuse
  14. a real gym, with climate control
  15. sauna
  16. boutique
  17. pool side bar (mixed drinks, beer, wine, and food, open EVERY day) with pool side waitresses
  18. club that's open Wednesday through Saturday nights
  19. a real restaurant, open every evening, with tablecloths, silverware, and excellent food
  20. membership entitles use of the facilities 364 days a year (only New Year's Eve is a special event)
  21. Members are allowed to have guests at facilities without paying fees
  22. Full time security

Live Oak Resort
  1. 25 acres
  2. lime dust roads
  3. close to cow pastures
  4. dust everywhere, filthy shower/restroom facilities, and Eau de Live Oak stench due to raw sewage
  5. one unheated, inadequately filtered, and often filthy pool
  6. hot tub, also often filthy
  7. 85 decrepit 'luxury' loungers
  8. sand volleyball court
  9. tiny, poorly equipped gym with no a/c
  10. sauna, when working
  11. store stocked with nothing anyone wants
  12. Club Larry, open Friday and Saturday nights, no charge for the mold and horrible music
  13. cafe that's open Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday morning
  14. membership entitles use of the facilities 361 days a year, with four special events
  15. No free guests at LOR.
  16. No security whatsoever
Has LOR been underpriced, or is it obvious that this is really a comparison of peaches and prunes? Ford dealers would like to sell their cars for the prices at Mercedes dealerships too, but can't. It's all about the product. Let management know if you feel their prices are unjustified.